“I have known and worked with Greg Mitchell since 2004—I have yet to find a more passionate and capable individual in Washington, D.C. The Mitchell Firm takes on every client’s issues as though they are fighting for their own cause—such dedication is a rare commodity in the world of lobbying and government relations. Many talk about what they can do to help, but few actually end up doing what they talk about—Mitchell gets things done.”
– Brett Tolman, Former United States Attorney for the District of Utah

“Greg Mitchell is a true ambassador for justice and compassion and it is an honor to work with him.”
– Moshe Margaretten

“Greg Mitchell is an emissary for honesty, integrity, and justice.  He fights and wins for those who cannot fight and win for themselves.  His work is bipartisan, multi-faith, and inclusive, which benefits us all.  Greg has a proven track record of successful lobbying campaigns, but importantly does so while steadfastly abiding by the founding American principles.”
– Robert Brown

“Greg Mitchell is a lobbyist for religious freedom and human dignity.”
– Allen H.

“Greg Mitchell and The Mitchell Firm have offered important leadership and coordination for the International Religious Freedom (IRF) Roundtable, whose work has been very significant to increase the visibility of IRF in the US and abroad. The multi-faith nature of the IRF Roundtable is effective and is refreshing.  Its mobilizing of people from all faiths to stand up together for the oppressed is truly inspirational. Greg’s commitment and dedication to IRF is much appreciated by all of us who are part of the Roundtable.”
– Raimundo Barreto, Ph.D.


I write as the Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Foundation (HRLF), a non-profit organization dedicated to advocacy on behalf of persecuted religious minorities in the People’s Republic of China and elsewhere. HRLF participates in an informal roundtable “non-group” composed of organizations dedicated to the protection and advancement of international religious freedom, and I wish to convey the extent to which the leadership of the Mitchell Firm has transformed this gathering of likeminded individuals into an active, participatory body based upon mutual respect and shared values.

Religious freedom goes to the very core and dignity of a human being and is perhaps the most personal and fundamental of all human rights. It strengthens culture and provides the foundation for a stable democracy and its components, including civil society, economic growth, and social harmony. That is what drives HRLF and other participants in the non-group to work passionately on behalf of people of all faiths or no faith at all, and it is why HRLF strongly supports the positive role the Mitchell Firm has played in the non-group’s continued development.

The Mitchell Firm joined the non-group in 2010, when there were only about a dozen attendees, and quickly adopted a leadership role, developing a strategic plan that allowed the non-group to retain its informal and consent-based structure while also empowering it to take important collective action on issues of shared concern. Under this plan, the non-group launched a number of participant-led initiatives on a diverse set of issues, from a broad-based push for Congress to amend the International Religious Freedom Act to efforts at resolving particular incidents of religious discrimination in Iran, Pakistan, France, and elsewhere.

Today, the non-group has garnered the participation of 203 non-governmental organizations and 60 government representatives. The non-group meets on Capitol Hill and works in close coordination with the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, the State Department, and the Congressional International Religious Freedom Caucus. Rarely does an issue affecting international religious freedom arise that is not channeled through the non-group.

This dramatic success would not have been possible without the coordination of the Mitchell Firm and its founder, Greg Mitchell. I am personally impressed with his passion and ability, and I look forward to working in partnership with him as the non-group continues to grow.


Terri E. Marsh

Executive Director, Human Rights Law Foundation