To begin to reform our governments and more effectively secure rights and freedoms here at home—in America—the Firm has been focused primarily on public safety and meaningful criminal justice reform.

Further, the Firm is always prepared to work on government reforms in other policy areas, including:

  • Congressional reforms to restore the preeminence of the Legislative Branch and help your representatives be more responsive to you;
  • Regulatory reforms and protecting law-abiding citizens from Executive Branch overreach and abuse of power;
  • Healthcare reforms to protect parental and individual rights and freedoms;
  • Mental health reforms to increase public safety while protecting individual rights and freedoms; and
  • Protecting individuals from tyranny and oppression.

We are completely committed and dedicated to helping you get governments in America to pass laws and implement policies and practices that are consistent with their only true and legitimate purpose—to secure our rights—and that respect and apply the following Jeffersonian ideals:

  • It is the people, to whom all authority belongs;
  • Governments are instituted among men and women, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed;
  • The people are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty;
  • No government can continue good, but under the control of the people;
  • The influence over government must be shared among all the people; and
  • If every individual which composes their mass participates of the ultimate authority, the government will be safe, because the corrupting the whole mass will exceed any private resources of wealth, and public ones cannot be provided but by levies on the people.

In fact, our governments are not safe enough because the sovereign people are not participating of the ultimate authority. And we’re just as frustrated as you are by the following facts:

  • Governments are not respecting the sovereignty of the people;
  • The levels of representation and consent in society are far too low; and
  • Governments are actually ignoring constitutions that guarantee our rights.

As a result, governments are failing to secure our rights. In fact, tyranny and oppression are rampant.

So it’s our mission to help an increasing number of good people participate; to help you exercise your power and authority over governments. And we stand with you when lobbying for government reforms that secure your rights and freedoms.